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Why External Visibility Matters

Why External Visibility Matters

We built our platform to help your organization remove cyber exposures before being detected and leveraged by bad actors. Security controls have advanced dramatically in the past decade; however, statistics point to external attackers still being the source of the vast majority of breaches. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations 2020 report shows that Web-based attacks have doubled in the past two years, as well as an increase in discovery and abuse of misconfiguration and deployment errors.

The ease of deploying cloud resources and rapid application deployment has added complexity to the already troublesome issue of inventory and attack surface management. IT and Security teams are struggling to identify and track resources as they come online. This lack of administrative visibility creates a gap between the identification of a problematic resource and its resolution.

Creating a detail-rich, continuously monitored inventory from an attacker’s perspective is the first step in proper security hygiene. The ability for IT, Security, and DevOps teams to know their inventory and any associated issues to triage will drive better communications and safer deployments of services.

Attackers adapt quickly. They are continually modifying their reconnaissance methods to become much more proficient at finding new services and applications on organizations they profile as they surface. Leaving exposure issues unidentified can create a crack in your environment, enabling attackers to take advantage of vulnerable services or open data storage containers.

Your organization has likely invested significant expense and efforts into building security and development environments that enable productive workflows. Adding real-time inventory and issue detection into these pipelines will ensure that publicly deployed assets remain in awareness across the necessary teams through their lifespan.

Tackling the external view first and understanding what you look like to the outside world is the fundamental first step in securing an organization. Removing targets of opportunity from an attacker and removing the guesswork from your operations teams will save you time, resources, and prevent compromise.

Please reach out to us and let us help you get this handled for your environments!

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